The Book of Haggai (Heart for the House)

Haggai is an interesting Old Testament book that can be summarised as one book, two chapters, three periods & four messages.

It has been 16 years since the foundation for the Lord’s Temple has been laid but nothing has been done since.The Prophet Haggai was sent to challenge the people of God to the unfinished task of rebuilding the fallen temple.

Why did they not finish what they started? What is hindering the people of God to finish the task? What does it take for God’s people to rise in strength and build the God’s House? What will cause God’s people to have a heart for the House? How will their lives be changed as a result?

This book sheds light on issues mentioned above and reveals how God turns our curses into blessings, our lack into abundance and our barrenness into fruitfulness!

Click on the YouTube Playlist below and study the book of Haggai with Pastor Paul and grow deeper in your love for God and His glory.


Poem on Radical Book!

For those who are not in the loop
We are the Emmanuel Life Group
We welcome all no matter who you are
Whether you are near or you come from far

We meet every fortnight on Friday at 8
Bring your family, invite your mate
We start with worship and then we pray
The children learn together as well as they play

We study the Bible, we discuss and apply
To be authentic, broken and courageous we try
To be equipped, to stand firm and fight
In this world, to be His salt and light

After that it’s supper with drinks and food
All are yummy, delicious and good
We have fellowship, we talk and share
We encourage each other and to show our care

From the book “Radical” we like to share
Bits and pieces we picked up here and there
Following Jesus no matter what it costs
Our lives are his, we count them but lost

From chapter 1 this is what we learn
God is our treasure, it’s Jesus we yearn
Hungry for the Word we find in chapter 2
It is truth and beauty for me and you

By our strength we are weak and feeble
Where we cannot, our God is able
The Great Why of God that is chapter 4
Beyond ‘God loves me’, there is so much more
To be a blessing and to impact the world
To proclaim His kingdom and His banner unfurled

As for disciples, Jesus called a few
He shared his life with those he knew
To multiply the church and see it grow
To be disciple makers and Him we follow

Caring for the poor and give we must
So that others, in Him they trust
Being good stewards with eternity in mind
We must be gracious, merciful and kind

The call is urgent, there’s no other way, you see
God is using all of us, there is no Plan B
Living for Christ and dying is gain
For those who follow, their death is not in vain
The Radical Experiment lasts but for one year
Give it a try, be bold and do not fear

So there you have it, we’ve summarized the book
Come and study it, let’s take a look
It an interesting read, we long for another
Guess what? The next one up is ‘Radical Together’