Right Theology Points To Jesus

(A Summary of Chapter 4 from the book “Growing Deep in God”)

There are two viewpoints through which we can lead our lives.
1. Anthropocentric (Man-centred) or
2. Theocentric (God-centred)

If we desire to lead a Theocentric (God-centred) life then we must learn to engage with life theologically.

We need to think about life and all it’s realities (joy & pains) in the light of God. We need to think about man (his highest hopes & his deepest shame) in the light of God. We need to think about wisdom of life in the light of God.


Getting Your Theology Right

(A Summary of Chapter 3 from the book “Growing Deep in God”)

Everyone has a view about God! Question is what is your view based on?

For some, their view of God is based on personal experiences – either their own or others!

Others, develop a high view of God, which is solely informed by scriptures, and is based upon how God reveals Himself in the scriptures.


Significance of Prayer

(A Summary of Chapter 2 from the book “Growing Deep in God”)

Prayer is not a duty!
Prayer is not just a ministry resource!

Prayer is fundamental for our soul as we are spiritual beings in a physical body living in a fallen physical world to fulfil God’s redemptive purposes.


A Certain Kind of Depth

God is developing a certain kind of depth in our lives. The depth of character is much needed in our lives. When we have it, we can walk in genuine humility, inner security and emotional stability. We will be authentic in our worship and walk before God.

So when God begins to deal with our lives, He will usually surface all the hidden pride of our heart, deep inner insecurities, inner fears and inner anxieties and we usually become very emotional and restless.