Our Guest Speakers

Rev Edmund Chan (Singapore)


Rev Edmund Chan is one of the most sought-after expository preachers in Asia and around the world, and is recognised by many as having the exceptional gift of making complex things simple.

After being the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church for 25 years, he stepped down in January 2012. He remains on staff as Leadership Mentor, while being involved in the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciple-Making Churches (IDMC Global Alliance), an organisation he founded with his wife, Pastor Ann.

As Leadership Mentor, he continues to mentor top-level leaders within Singapore and beyond. These include CEOs, senior pastors, denominational leaders, theological educators as well as national and regional directors of para-church organisations.

In 1995, Rev Edmund launched the annual Intentional Disciple-Making Church (IDMC) Conferences. It has since become a sold-out conference imparting cutting-edge disciple-making teachings to over 2,500 participants from some 197 churches in 23 countries.

Rev Edmund has authored several books, including Growing Deep in God,Mentoring Paradigms, Growing Deep In Faith, Cultivating Your Inner Life, A Certain Kind and Radical Discipleship.

He is married to Ann, who actively ministers alongside him around the world. They have two lovely daughters, Amanda and Belicia.

Dr Peter Tan-Chi (Philippines)

Dr Peter Tan-Chi is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF). CCF started as an evangelistic-discipleship home Bible study group with a few couples who were unchurched in 1983. Today, it has grown to over 40,000 members. It has over 30 satellite churches throughout the Philippines and has also expanded its borders to other parts of the world. It has helped plant over 2,500 house churches in India alone.

Dr Peter Tan-Chi is passionate about the importance of discipleship at home and in the work place. He regularly conducts seminars on marriage and parenting, and on growing healthy churches. He is a self-supporting pastor through God’s blessing on his family business, which is being managed by his sons.

He also founded The Master’s Academy – the first home school program to be accredited by the Department of Education in the Philippines. He also sits on the board of various organizations such as Asian Theological Seminary, International Graduate School of Leadership, and the Far East Broadcasting Company Philippines.

Dr Peter Tan-Chi holds a Masters Degree in business and a Doctorate Degree in ministry.

Joyfully married to Deonna for over 40 years, they have been blessed with five children who are all happily married and serving the Lord as well. They have been blessed with ten charming grandchildren.