IDMC Conference Sydney 2016: Radical Discipleship


Jesus was a radical. 


In fact He was and remains radically radical. It is therefore not at all surprising that His call to discipleship is a radical one. Radical Discipleship is highly necessary in today’s world where evangelical Christianity is filled with superficiality, immaturity and mediocrity. We have lost the radical radicalness in discipleship today. We reduce discipleship to a mere programme. We face a crisis of depth. The gospel taught in many places today has made discipleship optional. We tell people what they can do for God so that God can do more for them! That’s spiritual consumerism. Christianity today produces a self-preoccupied, self-serving generation of superficial Christians!


But God is turning the tide!


Here’s a soul-searching question for discipleship today: “What actually claims your full attention and captures your full affection?” What captures our heart either corrupts or consecrates us! This conference will focus on putting radical radicalness back into discipleship. What works? What’s best? What does it mean? This conference will offer you time to receive, to reflect and to engage with others on what radical discipleship means. Let’s prepare our hearts to encounter the Lord who calls us to rise above the ordinary!


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